Neighbourhood Plan

Oulton Parish Neighbourhood Plan- Survey 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed the previous Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire in 2018.  This survey builds on the findings of that and asks some more specific questions that will help us to draft the plan.  A Neighbourhood Plan is a key planning document produced by residents to influence the future type and location of growth in the parish.  


Participation in the survey is totally voluntary but, if you decide to take part, your time is very much appreciated.  All responses will be treated as anonymous and you are not required to provide your name or contact details.  By completing the survey, you consent to allowing your responses to be used by the Neighbourhood Plan project.  All information will be stored securely on UK-based servers, compliant with GDPR rules. 

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 6 January 2021 - DRAFT

Survey 2020 (link to external site)

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Terms of Reference


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 23 November 2020


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 26 October 2020 


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Telephone Box Consultation Letter


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 28 September 2020


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 11 September 2020 


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 5 August 2020 


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes 21 July 2020

Consultation Event Woods Meadow Development  21 September 2019



The Oulton neighbourhood plan was designated in December 2018.  Since then a consultation exercise has been carried out and the results analysed.  

Oulton neighbourhood area

Consultation period 12 October to 23 November 2018

Status: Approved 07 December 2018

This is the second Oulton Neighbourhood Area designation.  Find out about the superseded Oulton Neighbourhood Area designation (2015) . (link to external website)

Oulton Neighbourhood Area Application Form

Determination and Decision Oulton

Oulton Consultation Responses



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