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Meeting minutes


2024 Meetings and Supporting Documents

The Agenda will be posted three days prior to the meeting

Next Parish Council Meeting:  

Tuesday 5th March 2024  

2024 Previously Held Meetings:

Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 6th February 2024

Meeting Agenda

Draft Minutes

Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 9th January 2024

Meeting Agenda


2023 Meetings and Supporting Documents

5th Dec 2023          Parish Council Meeting: 




7th Nov 2023          Parish Council Meeting:   



3rd Oct 2023           Parish Council Meeting



5th Sept 2023          Parish Council Meeting  



4th July 2023           Parish Council Meeting  



6th June 2023        Parish Council Meeting




19th May 2023        Annual Parish Meeting  Minutes

9th May 2023          Annual Parish Council Meeting


4th April 2023          Parish Council Meeting

7th March 2023       Agenda - Parish Council Meeting

                                 Meeting Minutes

7th February 2023   Agenda - Parish Council Meeting

                     Meeting Minutes 

3rd January 2023    Agenda - Parish Council Meeting

                             Meeting minutes


2022 Meetings and Supporting Documents

6th Dec 2022      Agenda - Parish Council Meeting


1st Nov 2022      Agenda - Parish Council Meeting


4th Oct 2022      Agenda - Parish Council Meeting


6th Sept 2022    Agenda - Parish Council Meeting



5th July 2022     Agenda - Parish Council Meeting



June 2022          Meeting Cancelled


May 2022           Annual Parish Meeting 13/05/22

                           Agenda (Annual Parish Meeting)

                           Minutes (Annual Parish Meeting)


May 2022           Annual Parish Council Meeting 03/05/22

                           Agenda (Annual Parish Council Meeting) 

                           Minutes  (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

                           Clerk Report   Payment Schedule 


Apr 2022    Agenda  Clerk Report  Payment Schedule  Planning Application


Mar 2022    Agenda  Clerk Report  Payment Schedule  Planning Application

                   Planning Application  Minutes

Feb 2022   Agenda  Clerk Report  Payment Schedule  Planning Application


Jan 2022    Agenda  Clerk Report  Payment Schedule  Minutes 

2021 meetings

Dec 2021   Agenda  Payment Schedule   Minutes

Nov 2021   Agenda  Minutes

Oct 2021   Extra Ordinary Meeting Agenda

Oct 2021   Extra Ordinary Meeting Agenda  CANCELLED DUE TO THE FLU

Oct 2021   Agenda  Minutes  Clerk Report

Sept 2021  Agenda  Minutes   Clerk Report

July 2021   Agenda   Minutes   Clerk Report

June 2021  Agenda Minutes  Clerk Report 

May 2021   Agenda  Minutes  Clerk Report

April 2021  Minutes

Mar 2021   Minutes  Clerk Report

Feb 2021   Minutes  Clerk Report

Jan 2021   Minutes

2020 meetings

Dec 2020 Minutes​  Clerk Report

Nov 2020 Minutes - (30 November) 

Nov 2020 Minutes - (3 November)  Clerk Report

Nov 2020 Minutes - (2 November)

Oct 2020 Minutes   Clerk Report

Sep 2020 Minutes Clerk Report

Aug 2020 Extraordinary Meeting Minutes  

Jul 2020 Minutes  Clerk Report 

Jun 2020 Minutes  Clerk Report

May 2020 Minutes​  Clerk Report

Apr 2020 Minutes  Clerk Report

Feb 2020 Extraordinary Meeting Minutes

Feb 2020 Minutes

Jan 2020 Minutes

2019 meetings

Dec 2019 Minutes

Nov 2019 Minutes

Oct 2019 Minutes

Sep 2019 Minutes

Jul 2019 Minutes

Jun 2019 Minutes

May 2019 Minutes

Apr 2019 Minutes

Mar 2019 Minutes

Feb 2019 Minutes

Jan 2019 Minutes



Minutes of Parish Council meetings are available to read between one to two weeks after a council meeting. They are published in draft form and approved at the next council meeting.


Agendas are published three clear days before a council meeting.

Minutes are available here from early 2019 onwards. Copies of older meeting minutes not shown here are available on request from the Clerk.

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